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*Covid-19 Plastipack Faceshield*

The Importance of Face Shields amidst the COVID-19 Phase

When COVID-19 enters India in the mid of March, the country went in the complete lockdown mode. Nothing was easy to find, and the cases were increasing at its highest pace. There were no safety PPE (Personal protection equipment) kits available for the fighters who were directly battling with the Coronavirus. People had started the black-market business in such time too. There was a shortage of masks, the PPE kits coming from china were defected & the condition was getting worse. But now India has united as one and is ready to fight against the virus. Face shield manufacturer count in the city is increasing with every passing day.


The face shield manufacturer in Delhi are Manufacturing bulk of face shields protective gear from 3D printing technique. The face shields manufactured by the face shield manufacturer in Faridabad are safe and protect frontline warriors from the spread of Coronavirus. 

Product Name
– Plastipack Face Shield

Material Specifications:

  • Raw Material: – Head Gear – polypropylene(PP).
  • Front Shield – Amorphous PET Sheet Thickness – 250-300 Microns ( Depending on Availability)
  • Sheet Size – 300mm x 300mm

Key Features:-

  • Protective Plastic Sheet is larger than the standard A4 size sheet used in other designs.
  • Covers ear-to-ear as well as hairline-to-neck coverage
  • Comfortable gap between forehead and transparent sheet
  • Washable
  • Sterilizable and Auto Cleavable
  • Easy to replace clear transparent PET Sheet

 Users List:-

  • Doctors on an beyond the second line of defense.
  • Working and traveling individuals.
  • Police Department.
  • Street vendors.
  • Citizens who need to move out for essentials.

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