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After successfully creating a strong market in the developed countries our 3D Printing, Designing, Modelling, Scanning, Laser Cutting, Reverse Engineering Services in India is all set to conquer the foreign markets as well.

In the Indian context, the technology is quite new, and most people were skeptical about the performance of the technology. However with the exposure of domestic technocrats to worldwide technology and ease of communication currently, we are at par with international markets. We provide Scanning, Laser Cutting, Designing, Modelling, Reverse Engineering, 3D printing services in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities of India.

The Indian market has always been sensitive when it comes to price and so is in the case of 3D printing technology. Most of the industries follow the traditional method of manufacturing (for example CNC machines) but now with the availability of 3D PRINTING technology, it is more economical to develop prototypes and short production.

Our service have been successfully adopted by many industries like AUTOMOTIVE, MEDICAL, ARCHITECTURAL, AEROSCAPE, EDUCATIONAL, INDUSTRIAL, and so on.

Technologies We Provide.

FDM – Leapfrog, Netherlands
SLS– EOS, Germany

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